Sikh Guarding
in the United Kingdom

The Sikh Faith is known globally for its moral code and idea of helping all ‘Sarbat Da Bhalla’. Sikh contribution in the voluntary sector is amongst the highest in the U.K. A huge proportion of this happens through Gurdwaras.

There is a need to support all Faith Institutions and develop training of their personnel more effectively to ensure everyone, especially children and adults at risk are kept safe .

Through specialist, high-quality training, we can increase the prevention of abuse of any kind (child/adult) in Faith Institutions and strengthen victim support.

In the past, many safeguarding programs have ‘ticked some boxes’ but fail to make a significant impact because of language, cultural and accessibility barriers

SikhGuarding participates in collaborative safeguarding work with local and national organisations and provide safeguarding training and resources to trustees, management committees, religious workers and anyone who would be in a position of trust or works within faith institutions.